Special Events

New Year’s Ball 2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017 7:00 PM

New Year’s Tea Dance 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017 1:30 PM

Tim Macdonald (fiddle)

Jeremy Ward (violone)

Tim and Jeremy’s website

Both dances at the Baker Center, 101 S 2nd St, St Charles, IL 60174

New Year’s Ball 2017 flyer

New Year’s Ball 2017 registration form

New Year’s Ball 2017 crib

New Year’s Tea Dance 2017 crib

Ball Program

My Wife’s a Winsome Wee Thing 32J3 The Pinewoods Collection Vol.2 (T. Moretti)
Lady Lucy Ramsay 32S3 MMM II
J.B. Milne 32R3 Angus Fitchet SD Album (H. Foss)
Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder 128J4 (square) Leaflet (B. Hamilton)
The Quaich 32S3 Rondel Book (J. Drewry)
Shiftin’ Bobbins 32R3 Ormskirk Scottish Dances (R. Clowes)
The Blackadder Jig 32J3 Blackadder Collection (M. Johnstone)
Rye Twist 32R5 (set) Book 48 #5 (S. McKinnell)
Hana 32S3 Tweeddale 4 (A. Gray)
Chased Lovers 32J3 World Wide Weavings (T. Wilson)
No L’s Strathspey 32S3 Chicago 25th (C. Snowdon)
Sleepy Maggie 32R3 Book 11 #5
Fair Jenny’s Jig 32J3 From the Redwood Forest (R. Wallace)
Lady McGowan’s Dream 32S2 Bicentennial Book (H. Ways)
McGregor’s Leap 32R3 Alexander Book 1 (J. Attwood)
The Gentleman 32S3 Book 35 #5 (R. Huxley)
Hooper’s Jig 32J3 MMM II
Da Rain Dancin’ 32R3 Whiteadder Collection (R. Wallace)

Tea Dance Program

Uncle Isaac 32R2 Bankhead Book 6 (J. Drewry)
Frae A’ the Airts 32M3 Leaflets (R. Campbell)
Laura’s Ceilidh 32J3 From the Redwood Forest (R. Wallace)
The Silver Tassie 32S3 Bon Accord (J. Drewry)
The Mason’s Apron 32R3 Border Book
Woo’d and Married and A’ 32J3 Book 16 #12
The Glasgow Highlanders 32S2 Book 2 #3
The Rendezvous 32R3 The Grampian Collection (J. McConachie)
The Byron Strathspey 32S3 (set) Deeside Book 2 (J. Drewry)
General Stuart’s Reel 32R3 Book 10 #3

Midwest Scottish Weekend Workshop 2017

June 9-11, 2016 at Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, WI.

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