Member Information

With the fall comes a new season of RSCDS membership. The Committee of Management (COM) had its first meeting and we have many plans afoot.  Watch this site for information about the SAGM and Fall Dance in November.

We have attached the 2016/2017 membership form for everyone who wants to get a head start updating their memberships for the new year.  There is a small rise in the annual membership rates as the RSCDS has increased their rates.


Note that members can log in to their accounts on the RSCDS website. You’ll need to use the email where you received a message from them  as your ID and ask to change your password. Once you’re logged in, you can change your details including delivery address for the Scottish Country Dancer Magazine and SCD skills.

Also, the RSCDS has delivered permanent membership cards that you can keep with you and show off no matter where your dancing takes you. We will be distributing cards and lifetime membership numbers to dancers at the Fall Dance in November. Anyone who will not be attending can contact the COM at this email address to get their cards.

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