Scottish Country Dancing is the ballroom dancing of Scotland. It draws from French traditional dance steps for quicktime dances and the uniquely Scottish strathspey tempo for slower, more stately, dances. Scottish Country Dancing is performed in couples, most frequently in sets of four couples arranged in lines of women facing men, but is also danced in square or other-shaped sets. Each tempo has two basic steps: traveling and setting steps, and dances are generally danced in groups of 8-bar figures.

The Chicago Branch sponsors two general SCD classes in the greater Chicago area: Loch Michigan, and Silk and Thistle, and one technique class for advanced dancers.  In the Chicago area there is also Scottish Country Dancing with the Evanston Scottish Country Dancers. Anyone with an interest in all things Scottish and/or dancing is welcome to attend the general classes. You do not need to bring a partner and no prior dancing experience is necessary. Wear soft-soled shoes and come have a good time.

The Chicago Branch partners with the Madison and Milwaukee groups to sponsor a weekend workshop each year in early June. This is a fun event with a Friday night Welcome Dance, classes most of the day Saturday, a Banquet and formal Ball Saturday night followed by a ceilidh, and classes Sunday morning. Each year in January, the Branch has its New Year’s Ball and Banquet. Throughout the year there are also social dances and open houses put on by the various Branch classes.

Meet your Chicago Branch 2016-2017 Committee of Management

Charles Coulon, Chair

Noel Chavez, Treasurer

Stephanie McDaniel, Secretary

Sue McKinnell

Katy Evans

Greg Canfield

The Chicago Branch now has a blog and a Facebook page. Check them out!

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